Footgolf at Richmond Golf Club

FootGolf has kicked off at Richmond Golf Club!

What is FootGolf?

FGA - FIFG - Accredited CourseFootGolf is a rapidly growing sport combining football (soccer) with the game of golf. Played in 24 countries across the Globe, in January 2016 the Federation for International FootGolf staged its second World Cup in Argentina. There are currently three venues in Sydney featuring FootGolf, with Richmond GC to proudly be the fourth.

The sport is played similar to golf, the major difference being players kick a soccer ball from the tee to the hole. The cups are significantly larger than golf, bringing a fun and unique twist on the traditional sport.



Our championship golf course is perfectly suited to the game, with 9 interesting and challenging holes for players of all ages and skill levels. We are also fully accredited with FootGolf Australia. If you want to try something completely different, come down and give it a go! 




Group Bookings

Available 7 days by appointment only.

For details, discount rates and enquiries call the clubhouse on (02) 4578 1739 or email




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules?

Basic Rules

How long does a game of FootGolf take?

You can expect a nine hole game of FootGolf to take approximately 45 minutes.

Can I bring my own ball?

Players are allowed to bring their own soccer ball to play, however it must meet official match ball specs for soccer (the correct weight and size).


Contact Information

For any further information please contact out friendly clubhouse staff:

Phone: 02 4578 1739



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