Conditions of Play


  1. The Rules of Golf, as adopted by R&A Rules Limited will apply, together with any Local Rules and Temporary Local Rules as displayed on the day and will be strictly enforced.
  2. The events will be played in the divisions as determined by the Committee at the start of the playing year.
  3. Visitors who are financial members of a GNSW affiliated Club and who have a current GA handicap are eligible to play and win prizes (not trophies or medals) in all events with the exception of those designated “Members Only’’. Visitors fees are as determined by the Committee.
  4. The starter has the authority to adjust groupings where necessary.
  5. Motorised Transport is allowed.
  6. Players should ensure that any electronic devices taken onto the course do not distract other players. Any use of electronic devices must also conform to the rules of golf. See Rule 14-3 Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment and Unusual Use of Equipment

Mobile phones: Ensure the phone is placed on silent/vibrate and any phone conversations are not distracting to other players. In emergency situations where the phone cannot be placed on silent then please advise the other players in your group to ensure this is acceptable.

  1. Spectators during events are welcome. To respect the players: stay a minimum distance of 20 metres away from the players, keep movement to a minimum whilst players are hitting the ball, mobile phones on silent and applaud any good shots in a restrained manner.
  1. All disputes and complaints relating to the day’s play should be directed to the Match Committee as soon as possible after the completion of the round.

Women Members Match Committee                       

January 2023