2022 Mixed Pennants Draw & Results | Round 1

Posted on: 1 February

2022 Mixed Pennants Draw

Round 1 of Mixed Pennants commenced Sunday, 30th Jan


  1. George Scapalleti. Cassandra Brotherton
  2. Michael Beehag. Claire Elder
  3. Rob Somi. Rita Gounder
  4. Bruce FInn. Julie Finn
  5. Mark Linnane. Nicky Linnane
  6. Dave Evans. Carol Carter

Super subs: Steve Burdekin & Jo Beehag

Results Round 1.

The team unfortuneatly went down 4/1 to The Coast, just falling short on close matches near the end of their rounds. Congratulations to Michael Beehag and Claire Elder for their win of the day.

Looking forward to a stronger outcome in this weekends round. Goodluck everyone!

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