Eagles Nest

With the recent changes to the 18th hole, the GMC has decided to transfer the Saturday eagles nest from the 7th hole back to the 18th hole. The new routing of the 18th hole should give more members a reasonable opportunity to win the eagles nest prize than is the case with the 7th hole.

It has also been decided to reintroduce the condition that the prize will apply for a second stroke within 15cm of the hole. The mechanical arm which had been used in previous years to measure this distance will be placed at the rear of the green, along with a sheet to record the name(s) of those qualifying for the prize.

The following conditions will take effect from Saturday, 7 April 2018.
•· The nest will start at 6 balls
•· Three balls added each week
•· To win the nest the ball must be holed or within reach of the mechanical arm when its supporting pole is centered in the hole (15cm).
•· 2 or more Eagles on the day share the contents equally
•· Valid only on Saturday Competition
•· Not valid in Ambrose and similar events with more than one ball in play

The number of golf balls in the pool at the end of the previous week (120) will be included in the pool for the 18th hole. The pool for 7 April will therefore start at 123 balls.


For the information of Members and their Guests: G-Line — Is gambling a problem for you? G-line (NSW) is a confidential, anonymous and free counselling service. Free call 1800 633 635.